Midway Is Ready To Help Grow Your Delivery Business

Stop throwing your hard earned money away on high monthly rental costs associated with renting your delivery vehicles! 
Midway offers turn-key service to the shipping and home delivery industry.

It's no secret that the growth of the online shopping industry has outpaced most business owners expectations and the independent delivery contractor business is booming!

Are you currently a home delivery provider or you're thinking of starting a home delivery business with a major retailer? Are you already contracted by a major shipping company, big box retailer or online retailer? Are you a business owner or fleet manager looking to control and monitor expenses through fixed operating costs? 


Midway Ford Truck Center can help you secure the vehicles and the financing you need to grow your business. Talk to us about setting up a commercial line of credit and how we can save you thousands of dollars a month over costly rentals. We also offer products and services that cover mechanical breakdown and maintenance giving you a fixed operating cost per vehicle. 

Our dealership offers turn-key service to nearly every industry. Contact us today and find out how we can help make it easier to grow your delivery business.