Examining Ford's 2020 Lineup

For motorists, it can often be exciting to get a glimpse into what the future holds - and that is exactly what we can do by looking at Ford's upcoming 2020 lineup. Whether you are currently a Ford owner or just hope to purchase one in the future, there is plenty to be excited about in 2020.

Ford is once again proving that vehicle safety is as important to them as it is to their customers by including the Ford Co-Pilot 360 safety system as standard in all new vehicles. Perhaps even more excitingly, Ford also intends to add four new trucks and SUVs to its lineup by 2020 - so you're bound to find one that is perfect for your family.

We are proud to stock a wide variety of Ford vehicles here at Midway Ford Truck Center. If you can't wait until 2020 to get your hands on one, stop by our showroom today and test drive a 2018 model instead.



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