The Raptor model has managed to transform the Ford F-150 series from your day-to-day pickup to a powerful super truck. Off-road abilities, spacious, high-tech, able to tow and haul are some of its accolades.

Numerous design features are incorporated into this truck. These include:

1. New frames.

These frames are different from those of other F-150 models. They are useful in accommodating the extended front. The frames are further modified to withstand the heavy forces generated by the tires.

2. Rear Suspension Arms

Even though the rear suspension is not independent, it's still useful for towing a trailer. Two trailing arms are available on both the left and right sides of the truck. These suspensions are made of coil springs and a rod in the back for proper positioning. The arms keep the axle in the right position while the coil springs provide suspension.

3. Thrombone Exhaust

A new three-inch wide exhaust that runs across the passenger side of the truck has been fitted. This helps mitigate noise, improving sound as the loop provides a longer travelling route for the noise.


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