Midway Ford Truck Center is in the process of becoming "Bronco Ready" by not only signing up to become certified to sell Bronco, but also assigning specific personnel to assist with the training and sales reservations for Bronco when it officially launches this year.
In 2017 Ford Motor Company announced the return of an American Icon when they revealed that Bronco would be coming back to our showrooms in 2020. Details about the product are slim for now, with prototypes spotted in the wild in both two and four door configurations. Details about the product are sure to arrive anytime. The 2021 Ford Bronco is fast approaching and it's definitely an exciting time for Ford dealers. 

Recent patent submissions that have been uncovered by resourceful and potential Bronco customers show everything from doors that can be removed without tools, storage systems for driver's to carry their doors in the rear of the vehicle to very cleverly designed modular grille systems that allow drivers to add off road components more easily to their vehicle. 

Whatever the future holds for Bronco, you can bet that Midway Ford Truck Center, INC will be ready. We're just as excited as you are, and can't wait to finally see the all new 2021 Bronco return!!!


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