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Suspension System Upgrades: What are Your Options?

If your existing suspension system is damaged or just in need of replacement parts, you may be thinking about upgrading your system. There are a variety of reasons for upgrades, including added durability, enhanced off-road capabilities, and better handling at higher speeds. Whatever the reason for upgrades, there are several suspension system components that can give you a decent return on your upgrade dollars.

  • Fresh Springs: Strong springs keep your tires firmly in contact with the road under all but the most demanding circumstances. 
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What's the Deal With Synthetic Oil?

There are two types of oil that can be used in an oil change: Synthetic and conventional oil. Your vehicle's manufacturer will recommend one over the other and that's the one that should be used. If you're told to use synthetic oil, it's important to know what it is.

Synthetic oil is more purified than the crude oil used in conventional oil. Balanced formulas are created in a lab instead of using natural oil. 

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