Explore Ford Super Duty's Towing Capability

If you know pickups, you can appreciate the Ford Super Duty. This popular rig goes beyond heavy duty. We're proud to offer it at Midway Ford Truck Center. It draws consistent attention on our inviting Kansas City lot.

You need the Super Duty if you tow heavy items. Ford constructs it on a highly durable frame that features steel through 95% of its parts. The automaker includes parts that work hard and smart, too. Subsequently, the Super Duty enjoys the top conventional towing capacity in its class. In a Super Duty, you can tow a small yacht.

You can double this extra-large pickup's towing capability by adding gooseneck-towing hardware to its bed. This setup makes the already-strong Super Duty substantially stronger. If you select the available diesel engine, your Super Duty's gooseneck-towing rating will be 37,000 pounds. With that capacity, you can pull a small crane on a flatbed. That sort of power can make you proud to drive a Super Duty.


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