Live your Active Lifestyle with the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

Whether you spend your spare time traveling to new destinations or taking part in the activities that you love in Kansas City you can do so with the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon.

When you choose to live an active lifestyle you will need seating for all your family and friends along with the cargo space you need to move your equipment along with you. The amount of legroom you have available when you choose the Ford Transit Passenger is unmatched in this class of vehicles that can be enjoyed by you and your family members. At the rear, the second and third rows of seats will give you a large amount of legroom in the more than 100 cubic feet of cargo space.

The comfort you feel when you are driving this iconic member of the Ford family will be increased by the knowledge you are protected by side and reverse sensors that will keep you as safe as possible on your travels after leaving Midway Ford Truck Center.


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