What features do you look for in a heavy-duty pickup truck? If you desire a heavy-duty pickup truck that has outstanding capability features, we recommend that you have a look at the Ford Super Duty. Below you can explore a few of the Super Duty's capabilities.

Backing up a trailer doesn't have to be a difficult task in the Super Duty thanks to Trailer Reverse Guidance. Cameras that are installed in the sideview mirrors give you an image of the truck and trailer that will display on the center dash screen. The visual guidelines on the screen move with the steering wheel so that you always have a clear view of where the trailer is going.

The Super Duty offers available Adaptive Steering. With this class-exclusive feature, the steering wheel ratio will increase so that it takes less effort to steer and turn. Once you start to move at higher speeds, the steering wheel ratio will decrease to provide you with more firmness and control.



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