Ford Taurus and Safety Features Taking the Sedan Forward

Ford Taurus is known for a lot of things, like being a popular full-size sedan, but it is also improving the driving experience. Midway Ford Truck Center has been there for some major steps in the automotive industry, and the Taurus has a lot of tech features to take you forward.

Forward with Tech

Good tech makes everything better, even safety while driving around the streets of Kansas City. Ford is helping you be safer with the following:

Lane Keep Assist

This built-in technology is meant to help you stay safely in your lane. There are many reasons one might drift, but the lane keep system is going to warn you when you do this and will even steer you back on track.

Blind-Spot Monitor

The blind spot system alerts you that there is a car in your blind spot before you merge or try to turn. Think of the amount of lives Ford could be saving by adding this system to the Taurus and other vehicles like it. You are part of the safe driving movement, so be proud of it.

Your dream vehicle is only a test drive away, and we are more than excited to introduce you to your new Taurus.



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