Tech Features to Love About the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

We here at Midway Ford Truck Center agree that the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is one of our most popular passenger wagons, period. Among the many things people love about this van are its tech features, which are ahead of trend and quite impressive. Here are two tech features we especially love.

Ford SYNC 3

SYNC 3 is the latest iteration of Ford's award-winning infotainment management system, offering hands-free operation of your phone, mobile apps and audio. The actual Sync 3 in-dash interface has a touchscreen similar to that of a smartphone, with Waze and Amazon Alexa integration. Waze lets you control Spotify from within Waze as well as navigation that incorporates crowd-sourced details. Meanwhile, Amazon Alexa opens up a world of voice-navigation and additional traffic info while letting you shop Amazon Prime during your commute.

Rain-Sensing Wipers

Ford Transit Passenger Wagon’s Rain-Sensing Wipers eliminate the need to manually deploy wipers during unexpected showers. The Rain-Sensing Wipers not only commence wiping automatically after sensing rain, they also adjust their speed to the windshield's wetness level. Sync 3 and smart windshield wipers are best witnessed up close, so be sure to enjoy a test drive as soon as possible.



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