Check Out These Ford Taurus Design Features

There is good reason why the Ford Taurus is considered to be a popular full-size sedan. Look at these impressive design features and how they make driving on the road safer for all involved.

The new Taurus has a rear spoiler that is quite unique. In addition to the spoiler having aerodynamic properties, it is making your ride safe too. The spoiler is helping to increase the fuel economy of the car, while at the same time stabilizing the vehicle as it approaches higher speeds.

Every new Ford Taurus comes with standard LED tail lamps. These are not ordinary conventional incandescent bulbs, these LED lights burn brighter to allow other drivers to see you easily, turn on faster for increased reaction times, and consume less energy too.

If you'd like to see these design features up close, visit Midway Ford Truck Center today and take the new Ford Taurus out for a test drive.
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