Tough Features That Make the F-150 a Great Vehicle

In the competition for the best pickup truck, the Ford F-150 earned a spot as one of the most popular full-size pickup truck on the market. The truck's tough features help it stand out from other trucks in its class.

Safety is an important consideration when purchasing any vehicle, and the Ford F-150 earned an overall five-star crash safety rating from NHTSA. Testing side barrier, frontal, side-pole and rollover resistance scenarios, this testing puts the car through the most common accident scenarios, and the F-150 passed with flying colors. Built with a military-grade, high-strength aluminum-alloy body, allowing the vehicle to weigh less than 700 pounds less the previous generation of F-150s, resulting in superior fuel economy and a better power-to-weight ratio.

Find out more about the Ford F-150's tough features and why it may be the right vehicle for you. Visit Midway Ford Truck Center to take the F-150 in Kansas City for an exhilarating test drive.




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